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Teachers Call This Skill:


Phonics is the understanding of the relationship between the letters in written words and the sounds of these words when spoken.

To become skilled readers, children must have a strong base in phonics, or an understanding of the sounds of written letters and words. Children will use phonics when learning how to blend sounds together to read words.

Because several areas of the brain must work together to “decode” or sound out words, children must practice this skill repeatedly. Children also use phonics to spell words when they write.

Remember to have fun! The end goal is joy of reading.  Build automaticity with letter sounds and decoding to have greater understanding of what you read.


Phonics Videos

Captions and Languages

To watch videos with subtitles: Click the settings icon in the lower righthand corner, next click “subtitles,” and then “English.”

To see subtitles in another language, after selecting English, next click “auto-translate” and then select the language of your choice.


Letter sound actvities


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Phonics Sound Spellings


Courtesy of Community Reading Buddies

Click on any title below to access phonics (decodable) books that focus on particular letter sounds. Use the arrows at the bottom of the table to see more books.

Decodable Books

Decodable Books for Beginning Readers

More Decodable Books for Beginning Readers

Consonant Blends
Consonant Digraphs: Two Letters that Make 1 Sound (sh, ch, ck, wh, th)
Long Vowel Patterns & Vowel Teams
R-Controlled Vowels
Camp at a Pond (level D) Ending blends
This and That /th/
How do you Feel? /ee/ /ea/ vowel teams
Moon Dogs at Home: Worst Birthday Ever r-controlled vowels /er/
King Lost His Ring /ng/
Thad and Thelma /th/
Knock Knock vowel teams
Moon Dogs at Home: Sports Day r-controlled vowels for /ar/
*NEW!* King is the Man! /ng/
Beth and the Path /th/
SPELD Books Set 4 (includes 10 books) ai, j, ok, ie, ee, or
Moon Dogs at Home: Nightmare Haircut r controlled vowels for /air/
*NEW!* Kat's Camping Trip Ending blends /sk and /mp/
*NEW!* Little Ninja and Thor /th/
SPELD Books Set 5 (includes 10 books) z, w, ng, oo (book), oo (room)
Moon Dogs at Home: Surprise Garden r-controlled vowels for /ar/
*NEW!* Where is the Milk? Ending blends /ld/, /lf/, and /lp/
*NEW!* The Shell /sh/
SPELD Books Set 7 (includes 10 books) qu, ou, oi, ue, er, ar
*NEW!* A Letter from Camp R-controlled /ir/ and /ur/ sounds
*NEW!* Go, Bots! Go! Ending blends /sk and /mp/
The Fish Wish /sh/
SPELD Books Set 9 (includes 10 books) ay, ey, oy, y (mystery), ea, ie, y (dry), igh
*NEW!* Born to Surf R-controlled /ir/ and /ur/ sounds
*NEW!* The Drip in the Sink Ending blends /nd/, /nk/, and /nt/
Shell Shop /sh/
SPELD Books Set 10 (includes 10 books) oe, ow (bow), ow (now), ir, ur, ew, ay, aw, al (talk)
*NEW!* Glitter Bird's Chirp R-controlled /ir/ and /ur/ sounds
*NEW!* The Bug Trap Blends with /r/
Chase and Chet /ch/
Moon Dogs at Home: Staying Home vowels and vowel teams for sound /ae/ - a, ai, ay, a-e, ea
*NEW!* The Corn Maze R-controlled /or/ sound
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More Decodable Books for Beginnig Readers
Decodable Books for Emergent Readers
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Decodable resources courtesy of Community Reading Buddies

Community Reading Buddies mobilizes Bay Area young adults to mentor younger students in literacy and ignite them with a passion for reading. In turn, the young adults are trained in leadership, communication, and other social-emotional skills that prepare them to become successful, independent community members.



Learn how to support your child's phonics development with i-Ready at home lessons.

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